Free Adobe Express Competition for GSA Schools

The GSA have teamed up with Adobe and TA Education run a free creative competition for students aged 8-12.

1st November 2022 to the 31st March 2023. 

The competition will follow the theme of ‘Female Pioneers in Science’ and students will use resources provided by TA Education to produce a creative output of their choice using Adobe Express.

Teacher resources will be provided to allow GSA teachers to facilitate the competition independently, or schools can book a FREE Creativity Workshop Day involving an experienced TA Education educator visiting the school to facilitate the lessons.
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What is Adobe Express?

Free cloud-based Adobe creative software for staff and students. Everything you need to create logos, adverts, videos, web page and much more.

Request Adobe Express for your school

Don’t have Adobe Express in your school? Don’t worry we can get you up and running in no time.

Simply request free access for all staff and students here. 

Female Pioneers of Science
Download student resources and activity cards. 
Female Pioneers of Science Resources
Discover how a selection of inspirational women made significant discoveries and inventions in the fields of science and engineering. 

Adobe Express
Activity Cards

A selection of activity cards students could follow to get creative in Adobe Express. 
Book a Free Creativity Day
Request a visit from a creative educator to work with your students to start exploring Adobe Express and Kick Start Your Competition
How does the competition work?
  • The creative output must be produced in an Adobe Express product which includes Adobe Express, Adobe Premiere Rush and Adobe Photoshop Express. For more details, click here. 
  • To request free access to Adobe Express for all staff and students, please complete this online form. 
  • The competition is based on a resource produced by TA Education: Female Pioneers in Science. The creative output will be based on something that the students choose to do based on what they have learned from the resource provided or someone else they select as a pioneer to celebrate.
  • To enter the competition the school needs to register its interest by completing the online registration detailed above. Once the school has registered then further information will be provided by TA Education. (see registration info above and register here.) 
  • There are three separate year group categories for schools to enter students for the competition.  
    Years 4  /  Years 5 & 6  /  Year 7 & 8 
  • Any student in each school is welcome to take part in the competition. But the school will need to select the best two entries for each year group category and submit them by 31st March 2023. 
  • The competition will be judged by Adobe, the GSA and TA Education personnel.  Winning prizes are yet to be finalised. 
  • All the following support is included free of charge for GSA Schools. Contact us to request any further support.

    • Free remote technical support to set up and connect Adobe Express to the school's Office 365 or Google Workspace tenancy.  
    • Teacher training is available for those schools wishing to upskill their staff before introducing the competition.  
    • Schools can choose to book a Creativity Workshop Day delivered by an experienced educator from TA Education. They will run as a single lesson for each class participating in the competition.   
    • TA Education will continue to provide remote support to participating schools for the duration of the competition.