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The next Edtech Leaders Programme starts 18th January 2022

Reserve your place – Only 20 spaces available 


Wouldn’t it be great to have a head-start on the New Year with a plan to strengthen your edtech strategy? We’re here to help you put that plan into action.

As Microsoft’s leading training partner in the UK, we’ve tailored the Edtech Leaders Programme to support school leaders, the SLT, Computing and Digital Learning Leads to roll out school-wide changes, reduce barriers, and lead edtech strategies with confidence.



STARTS: 18th JANUARY, 2022


What to do next…

STEP 1: Fill out the quick form below to book your call.

STEP 2: We’ll give you all the information you need and reserve your place. (It’s that simple!) 


Who the programme is for…

School Leaders
& the SLT

As a school leader or member of the SLT, you shine when it comes to managing your staff… but you may not have as much confidence or experience using edtech tools and software, or have access to an in-house IT department/ ICT coordinator or outsourced support team. More time and training to develop a successful edtech strategy is essential.

Computing &
Digital Learning Leads

If you’re a Computing or Digital Learning Lead, you live and breathe technology: how to use it, how to resolve issues, and what the edtech benefits are. However, you may not be as experienced in people management or devising an edtech strategy that can be rolled out to meet your school’s specific requirements. You want more planning and management training.

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Here’s what you’ll learn…

In just six months, you will strengthen your knowledge of edtech to successfully implement and manage your school’s edtech strategy – all from our team of edtech experts and coaches.

As Microsoft’s leading training partner in the UK, we’ll connect you to edtech experts, provide you with essential digital resources and live, 1-2-1 training sessions – everything you need to develop and lead a bespoke edtech strategy, with confidence.

Develop your knowledge and skills

Lead change more confidently

Grow your support

Keep current with changes in edtech

Get answers and advice from an edtech expert

Find solutions to edtech issues and problems

Edtech Leaders Programme 2022

*CLOSING DATE: 14th January 2022*