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Queen’s Platinum Jubilee / Commonwealth Games

Schools can now register to host free creative workshops delivered by experienced TA educators. 

Choose between the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee or Commonwealth Games-themed activities. 

Designed for students in Years 5 - 8, these 1-hour (or single lesson) workshops introduce students to the free cloud-based creative tools within Adobe Creative Cloud Express, helping learners to develop creativity they can apply throughout the curriculum.

Any school can request to host one of these free events by completing this form, but please ensure you have read the terms and conditions below before completing the form. 

Workshop Resources - Queen’s Platinum Jubilee / Commonwealth Games 

TA has developed some high-quality free resources for schools to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and the Commonwealth Games. You can download copies of the resources we use during the workshops below.

Need to set up your free Adobe Creative Cloud Express Accounts? 

You can create free accounts for all staff and students so they can login to Adobe using their Office 365 or Google accounts.  

If you don’t have any Adobe accounts already you can request one to be set up here How to request and deploy Adobe Creative Cloud Express for Education.  

Our technical support team can also help you to get set up prior to hosting your workshops. Simply email or call 01952 567450 and we’ll be happy to help. 

  • Each school booking must involve a minimum of 100 students. 
  • Workshop timings are flexible but typically run for 1-hour (or a single lesson). We would expect to repeat the workshop for 4-5 classes in a typical school day.  
  • Each student will require a device with internet access to use for the duration of the workshop. Shared devices are also acceptable, but not preferred. 
  • Each student requires access to a free Adobe Creative Cloud Express account. TA can help arrange your free accounts if you do not have existing logins. This must be completed prior to the day of the workshop. 
  • Workshops are designed for KS2 and KS3 students but can be adapted for older students.