A device per child…
from £1 a week

As educators, we truly believe that technology can improve learning outcomes and equip students with future-ready skills.

This is why we are working hard to remove barriers for schools looking to introduce a device per child, and with the biggest barrier often being the cost we are hoping this new approach can make devices more affordable than ever before.

Spare devices
When a device is malfunctioning, damaged or lost, simply swap it for a spare so there’s no disruption to learning. 
Hassle free repairs

When you have a number of problematic spare devices, arrange for them to be collected, repaired and returned, free of charge. 

Replacement devices
If a device is accidentally damaged, lost or stolen, it can be replaced with a like for like model free of charge. 
Funding Options
Lease the devices or ask parents to contribute to the costs. They could even own the device after 3 years. 
No extra admin time
No complicated insurance or warranty claims. Everything is handled by the service team on behalf of the school. 
Example 1:1 Programmes

Below we have outlined how a 1:1 programme can work and how the costs can be managed through parental contributions or a straightforward school lease.  

Just remember, we work with each individual school to find the programme that is right for them.

Example 1: Parental contribution
(minimum cost to school)

Lenovo Yoga
Pentium 4405U
4GB 128GB 11.6"
W10 Pro + Pen


Device cost: £175
Qty: 300 devices
Term: 3 years

Parent pays £8 (£288) per month and keep device.

School pays £9,562 per year (£28,685 total) and keeps 30 devices.

Example 2: Parental contribution
(minimum cost to school)

Lenovo 300e
Celeron N4100, 4GB, 128GB eMMC, 11.6" HD IPS, Touch, Integrated rechargable Pen, Windows 10 Pro Academic, 5MP World Facing Camera


Value: £320
Qty: 300 devices
Term: 3 years

Parent pays £5 (£180) per month and keep device.

School pays £8,591 per year (£25,772 total) and keeps 30 devices. 

Example 3: Funded by Parent
(no cost to school)

HP 255 G7  
New device 15.6’’ screen
8gb/256gb No-touch


Value: £325
Qty: 300 devices
Term: 3 years

Parent pays £11 per month (£396 total) and keep device. 

School generates £13,509 income and keeps 30 devices. 

Example 4: Funded by School
(fully funded by school)

Lenovo Yoga i3 (inc. digital pen) 
Grade A refurb device
8gb/256gb Touch screen.


Value: £285
Qty: 300 devices
Term: 3 years

Parent pays nothing 

School pays £36,350 per year (£109,050 total)

Offset costs against print and energy costs. 

  • All warranty, repair and replacement claims included. 
  • 30 spare devices held by IT team to swap out as required and return for free repair service. 
  • Teacher training included. 
  • School lease devices and receive monthly payments collected from parents plus 20% Gift Aid.  
    All parental contributions and claims are handled on behalf of the school. 
Through the 1:1 programme, your organisation will qualify for credits to fund training, consultancy and student enrichment opportunities delivered by Tablet Academy (TA), Microsoft in Education Global Training Partner of the Year.

Credit with every device purchased.
(E.g. 100 devices = £800 credit)

How else can you save money with a 1:1 programme?
How much paper and printing costs could you save if you distributed digital worksheets to students?
Staff Time
If you can reduce the time spent creating and distributing worksheets, speed up the feedback and the assessment process etc., how much is your staff time worth? Not to mention staff retention and reduced cover/recruitment costs.
If students charge devices at home and you reduce the number of desktops and laptop trolleys, you could save a significant amount on energy bills.
IT replacement costs
A rolling device programme supported by parental contributions results in less IT costs for the school.
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