Journey to the Cloud

Digital Transformation - A real life case study of a primary school as they move into the cloud.

What really matters to your school?

Not the industry
This is about breaking the mould of traditional ‘Ed-Tech’ case studies, and as such the project will focus on four key areas that school leaders have highlighted to us as their top priorities. Every post we share during this project will document an outcome in one or more of these key areas. The aim is to provide undeniable empirical evidence from a live school of what can be achieved, in a way that  other schools can follow using the how to guides.

The journey so far...

The key to how we are measuring success


Academic outcomes, work ready skills, performance data and individual progress at all ages.


Reduction of repetitive tasks, streamlining of processes, sharing best practice, and improving assessment.


Overcoming barriers to learning and increasing opportunities for students of all ages, ability, and social background.


Reducing costs linked to the provision of hardware, software, services such as printing, and staff time.


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3rd March 2020

Industry Partners

Journey to the Cloud,

If you are serious about digital transformation you will need support from industry partners. You may need to be prepared to invest upfront to capitalise on long-term gains and savings. Transformation Real outcomes, and the impact on end...

3rd March 2020

Creating Your Teams

Journey to the Cloud,

Important to know! When you create Microsoft Teams, access is granted to all Team users including access to all files, channels (except private), OneNote notebooks, and anything shared with the Team.  The naming convention used for your ...

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