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A range of high quality courses designed as a self-paced training module with bite-sized videos and corresponding assessment.

TA’s Online Professional Development Platform presents a growing library of online training courses focused on how to use a range of technologies designed for education.

Each course created by our experienced educators is designed as a self-paced training module, consisting of a series of small bite-sized videos and a corresponding assessment module.

If used as part of an organisations professional development programme, progress can be monitored by management and certificates of completion are automatically issued for each course completed.

The content currently covers technology solutions such as Office 365 and Google Classroom, but also includes subject courses such as Primary Computing and Online Safety (e-safety).

New content will be added monthly and made available to all organisations free of charge who have a current subscription.


Annual Online Platform Pricing

Tier 1 Subscription (up to 50 users) £250 per year.
Tier 2 Subscription (up to 200 users) £500 per year.
Individual Subscription £30 per year.

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Pricing is exclusive of VAT


To support schools during the Corona Virus outbreak, TA have released a range of free courses to help teachers learn how they can use technology effectively to support remote learning.

You can also use these courses to review the platform to decide if your staff would benefit from access to the full range of 40+ courses.


SAMPLE Course List

  • Teams for Education
  • Minecraft Education Edition
  • Delivering Lessons with Google Classroom
  • Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Delve, Yammer and OneDrive
  • Introduction to Stream
  • Using PowerPoint for Remote Learning
  • Windows 10
  • Introduction to SharePoint
  • Using Forms for Assessment
  • OneNote in Education
  • Introduction to Planner
  • Outlook Online
  • Office 365 Overview
  • Creating Quizzes with Kahoot
  • Accessibility Feature in O365
  • Creating eBooks with Book Creator
  • Using iPads in EYFS
  • Online Safety for teachers
  • Primary School Computing
  • Microsoft Teams guide for Parents

TA Remote Services

If you are looking to prepare your staff to deliver remote learning we'd suggest you consider one of our Remote Support Packages designed for this very purpose.

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