School Admin Programme


Course Description

Designed to support administrative staff who work in schools to help them adopt Microsoft Teams and a range of other free Microsoft technologies to streamline their workload and improve productivity. No prior experience required.


Course Outcomes

Participants will be expected to:

  1. Manage, create and collaborate on files effectively within Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Office Applications.
  2. Communicate and collaborate both internally and externally using Microsoft Teams.
  3. Utilise Forms and Power Automate to collect and process data.
  4. Apply tools such as Planner, To Do, Outlook and One Note to manage and collaborate on tasks.



Course Details

 Date & Time

Session Title
 (2-hour online session)


Self Directed Activity

18th Nov 20

1pm – 3pm

Introduction to Teams, SharePoint and Office 365

An overview to the structure of Office 365, SharePoint and Teams covering how to best manage, edit and collaborate on documents.

PDP Courses

Office 365 Overview

Introduction to SharePoint

Introduction to Groups in Office 365

25th Nov 20

1pm – 3pm

Using Microsoft Teams as your primary communication tool

A more in depth look into how you use Teams as your central hub for communicating and collaborating.

PDP Courses

Introduction to Teams

2nd Dec 20

1pm – 3pm

Collecting and automating data using Microsoft Forms and Power Automate

Participants will learn how to use Microsoft Forms to collect data from different sources and create automated systems so the data is processed with minimal human input.

PDP Courses

Introduction to Forms

Introduction to Power Automate

9th Dec 20

1pm – 3pm

Streamline day to day processes using Office 365 productivity tools and OneNote

Learn how to organise and assign tasks for yourself and other team members before exploring OneNote as a digital notebook ideal for capturing meeting notes.

PDP Courses

Introduction to OneNote

Introduction to Planner

Introduction to Outlook