Tablet Academy have supported independent schools in their desire to make the most effective use of technology within their organisation. We offer a wide range of services to support them in achieving their goals. This can range from training staff on aspects of mobile technology, Apple, Android, Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite, through to consultancy services and audits both in terms of hardware and staff skills. We can be involved from the start when the school is deciding to upshift its staff skills and the services it offers the pupils and staff. We can also provide a pick and mix approach where the school can choose their own way and select from a wide range of training and services which will help them achieve their goal in the best manner. We have consultants with expertise in this area who understand the unique way that independent schools operate.


Independent schools by their very nature are unique institutions and provide top quality education services to their pupils and parents. Our consultancy is founded on years of experience supporting a range of independent school and is designed to help you create a clear strategy for your organisation to ensure your programme transforms teaching and learning via a sustainable model. Our consultancy also includes working with the non-teaching staff in your organisations to improve their use of technology in their roles. For a full outline of our Consultancy service, please download the attachment below.

Learning Festivals

Learning Festivals are a relatively new way of engaging with schools and for teaching staff to learn from seeing the technology being used in action with pupils to serve a particular topic. With these events which can be for a single school or open to local schools, there is an opportunity for the pupils to take part in a challenge based learning exercise and for teachers to see the interactions between the students, technology and festival leader. This enables them to take away ideas that can be used in their own classroom but also provides the pupils with an exciting and great day out where they develop their learning further. All equipment and material is brought to your school and all that is needed is a space with tables and chairs. Both half day festivals (£500 plus VAT) and full day training (£700 plus VAT) sessions are available to be booked. Topics covered are:
  • CSI
  • Minecraft
  • BBC micro:bit
  • Computing
  • Robotics
  • LEGO Education
  • STEM
  • Cyber Security
  • Virtual Reality
  • Invent your own!


Teacher Training delivered by experienced educators
Our professional development services are delivered as practical, hands-on group training sessions, or one-to-one support (including co-teaching) which focus on the appropriate use of technology in the classroom. Delivered by experienced educators, a training programme is created in consultation with your organisation to ensure relevant outcomes are achieved. Tablet Academy trains an average of 12,000 teachers a year and courses are tailored to meet school's individual requirements. Both half day training (£500+VAT) and full day training (£700+VAT) sessions are available and they often include such modules as:
  • Office 365
  • G Suite
  • Delivering the Computing Curriculum
  • Robotics and Programming
  • SEN
  • Virtual Reality
  • Creativity in the Classroom
  • Skype for Business
  • BBC micro:bit
  • IWB Training
  • Tablets in the Classroom

Annual Support Packages

Tablet Academy support packages provide on-going support which is focused on the use of technology in the classroom. Institutions committing to a support package can customise their support by selecting from any of our Core Services including high level consultancy at no extra cost. Each package runs for a 12-month period from the date of placing the order, and days must be consumed within this period. Packages include a range of special offers but most importantly they give the school focused support when they need it at discounted rates.