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Words by Philemon Burney – Head of Consultancy and Training Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool that I use every day for work, to keep in touch with colleagues, access shared documents, participate in meetings and more!   Here are 10 of my favourite features that I use almost every day:  1. Create Task  Often whilst I’m reading through posts in a channel of a Team or using Chat … Read More

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Supply Teacher & Nursery Placement Request Forms

There was a lengthy process in place for organising supply cover for teachers. A teacher completed a paper form, handed it in to the main office who then took it to the Head for approval. The Nursery application form was also a paper-based form which, when handed in at the school office, had to be manually typed into the school system. Introducing … Read More

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Creating Your Teams

Important to know! When you create Microsoft Teams, access is granted to all Team users including access to all files, channels (except private), OneNote notebooks, and anything shared with the Team.  The naming convention used for your Teams is very important, especially if you’re on a tenancy used by multiple schools. We suggest investing in an MIS integration tool to automatically … Read More

Graham BowmanJourney to the Cloud

Building your Cloud Environment

In order to make informed decisions on the structure of your cloud environment, we suggest key individuals from Leadership, IT and Networking, Business, and Teaching participate in a workshop to understand all that is possible using Microsoft Teams in education.