Graham BowmanJourney to the Cloud

Creating Your Teams

Important to know!

When you create Microsoft Teams, access is granted to all Team users including access to all files, channels (except private), OneNote notebooks, and anything shared with the Team. 

The naming convention used for your Teams is very important, especially if you’re on a tenancy used by multiple schools.

We suggest investing in an MIS integration tool to automatically extract data and pre-populate all your Class Teams with student access.

Sample: MAT Wide (MW) Teams

  • MW-Policies
  • MW-Governance
  • MW-Admin Resources
  • MW-School Improvement
  • MW-Teaching School
  • MW-Teaching Resources Bank
  • MW-Curriculum

Each team contains a GENERAL channel with content relevant to all schools, and a channel per school for content specific to each individual school within the MAT.

Sample: Primary School (PS) Teams

  • PS-Leadership
  • PS-All Staff
  • PS-Procedures
  • PS-Admin
  • PS-Finance
  • PS-HR
  • PS-IT PS-Teaching Resources

    EYFS, Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6, Clubs

  • PS-Year Groups

    RE, Maths, English, STEM, Arts, Sports, Topics

Migrating your files to free cloud storage will reduce the need for on-site servers resulting in significant hardware and licensing  savings.