TA Recycling Service

Earn credit to spend with TA by using our free Tech Recycling Service.

Through the new TA Recycling Service, we can collect, wipe, and recycle to full EU GDPR compliance your old school devices free of charge. You can claim back any residual value these devices may have as TA Credit which can be redeemed against any of our services or products in our STEM Shop (Robots etc.).

TA are proud to provide this free recycling service which not only eliminates the hassle of you having to dispose of old technology yourself, but also helps the environment and reduces your carbon footprint, but also give you the opportunity of saving money. To ensure security we wipe any leftover data on your recycled technology in full accordance with current GDPR regulations.


Claim the residual value of your recycled technology as TA credits and redeem them against any TA service or our STEM Shop products. The service is free, fair, safe, and hassle-free.

A minimum of 10 items are required to use this service.

Why Recycle with TA?

There has never been a more crucial time to change the way we dispose of our old school technology. Managing the deletion of personal and company data safely, and reducing your carbon footprint and landfill, are all important practices when disposing of old equipment from our institutions

We provide you with all the necessary documentation to prove you have correctly disposed of your equipment in full compliance with GDPR guidelines.









How does it work?

1.  Use the form below, or send an email to recycle@tablet.academy, providing us with a list of the equipment you wish to recycle with us.

2. We will reply with an initial residual valuation quotation

3. If you agree to the initial valuation we will collect the equipment from a designated location free of charge. 

4. Once the equipment arrives at our processing facility, we assess the condition of it and provide an updated valuation (if necessary).

5. If you agree with this final valuation, the credit to redeem against TA services or STEM Shop products will be confirmed.  

6. We then recycle all the equipment and provide you with the necessary GDPR compliant disposal paperwork.  

7. When you wish to redeem your credit we liaise with you to identify which services or shop products you wish to redeem your credit against and they are delivered.

8. The services or products are delivered.

That's it, simple! As a responsible, ecology aware, company the TA Credits you will receive is our reward to your institution for allowing us to dispose of your old equipment responsibly.
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Examples of Recycling Values

*These are example prices and are subject to change

Single Items


Transformer Book

2 in 1 Laptop/Tablet

Grade A: £36.50
Grade B: £31.00
Grade C: £21.00


Apple iPad 
th Gen
32GB, Wifi Only
No Box

Grade A: £42.50
Grade B: £36.50
Grade C: £27.75


Apple iMac 21.5”
Intel Core 2 Duo

Grade A: £81.00
Grade B: £68.50
Grade C: £53.00


Dell Laptop
Intel Core i5
4Gb RAM, 250Gb HDD,
Windows 7

Grade A: £25.00
Grade B: £21.00
Grade C: £17.50

Class Sets

Class Set of iPad
Mini 4 9.7”

30 x iPad Mini 4, 16GB, Wifi Only
30 x Lightning Cables
30 x Apple Plugs 

Potential Recycle Value:
£2,700 (Inc VAT)

Class set of Android
Tablets 10.1”

30 x Android Tablets, 16GB, Wifi Only
30 x Charge cables
30 x Leads

Potential Recycle Value:
£750 (Inc VAT)

class set of iPad
Air 9.7”

30 x iPad Air 1, 16GB, Wifi
30 x Lightning Cables
30 x Apple charge plugs

Potential Recycle Value:
£1,200 (Inc VAT)

class set of student 2in1 laptops/tablets devices 10.1”

30 x Asus Transformer books
30 x Charge Cables
30 x Charge Plugs

Potential Recycle Value:
£1,095 (Inc VAT)

class set of iPad 2
Tablets 9.7"

30 x Apple iPad 2 16GB Wifi Only
30 x 30-pin charge cables
30 x Apple Plugs

Potential Recycle Value:
£500 (Inc VAT)

class set of Core
i3 Laptops

30 x Intel Core i3 Laptops
30 x Power cables

Potential Recycle Value:
£1,050 (Inc VAT)

Redeeming your TA Credits

Select services for your leaders, educators and students, or choose from a range of STEM products including VR kits, classroom accessories and robotic sets.

Our Services


For leadership...

Impartial advice for Senior Leaders designed to improve student outcomes, reduce staff workload and achieve financial savings.

Through change management and consultancy services we help to bridge the gap between the technology industry and education.

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Our trainers are fully qualified and experienced educators who can relate to the daily challenges faced by  teachers.

Hands-on training can be delivered as face-to-face workshops or facilitated remotely whilst retaining the benefits of a practical session.

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For students...

A range of STEM workshops  delivered by experienced educators to enrich the curriculum for learners aged between 9-16.

Often funded by industry partners our flexible activities are delivered as half-day or full-day on-site bookings for 30 - 120 students.

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Terms & Conditions

We can only assign a price to buyback items that have value. If a product is too old or in condition considered too poor to refurbish, we may be unable to pay for it. We can, however, still collect and data erase any products free-of-charge if there is a sufficient quantity.

Please be as accurate and as detailed as possible when telling us about your products as this can greatly affect the buyback valuation we provide. If you are unsure about what to include or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

To secure the available trade in value your device needs to meet the following grade criteria:

  • The device should be no older than 7 years
  • The device works as it should. It should power on/off, charges and is fully functional with no damage or faults
  • The device should have a fully functioning keyboard and trackpad with no missing keys (laptop)
  • The casing/housing should not be cracked, chipped, dented, bent or broken
  • The device will have no etching, engraving or non-removable asset tags
  • The display should be fully functioning, have no cracks, not smashed, no pixel damage, white spots or discolouration
  • The battery should charge and be in good health
  • The device should not be BIOS locked or password protected. Any AppleID or iCloud accounts and Google accounts must be removed,
  • Be supplied with an AC power adapter

Devices that don’t meet the above grading criteria can still be traded in, however the value may be adjusted accordingly. You can recycle as many old devices as you wish. If the value exceeds the required amount, we will give you additional STEM Rewards to match the difference.

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