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Tablet Academy Recycling Scheme for Schools

Tablet Academy and TradologyUK Ltd are proud and excited to announce a new partnership that will give education institutions a way to dispose of their redundant technology quickly, easily, and safely with the reward of any residual value being given as Tablet Academy Credits which can be used towards the purchase of consultancy, training, or student engagement events. ——————————————————————————————————————– WHY … Read More

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Acer STEM Rewards Programme

To help prepare the future workforce, Acer have launched their STEM Rewards Programme in partnership with Tablet Academy. Acer have teamed up with Tablet Academy to launch the Acer STEM Rewards Programme, presenting schools with the opportunity to claim STEM related rewards with every purchase of 25 or more Acer Windows 10 devices. The STEM Rewards Programme can also be combined … Read More

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Assessment – Teacher Feedback (OneNote)

The Year 5 class teacher collects students exercise books at the end of the day ready to take home and mark during the evening. They estimated it takes approximately 60 – 90 mins to mark the students work and provide written feedback where required. The books are then handed back to students the following day. OneNote Inking& Audio Feedback Using … Read More

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Literacy & Personalised Learning (OneNote)

For many schools Literacy is top of the agenda, so most days, among other tasks, students take part in a Word Association activity and each week we have a class spelling test. Typically these types of activities involve printing 30 copies of the words, cutting down to size and handing out to students to glue into their books. With spellings, … Read More

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School Newsletter (Teams & Word)

Staff would email text and images to a colleague responsible for creating the newsletter as a word document. The completed document was then shared on the school website as a PDF. Frustrations would arise when staff sent changes to articles already created, or new content was shared past the publishing deadline. Also, staff had to proofread the content which involved … Read More

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Supply Teacher & Nursery Placement Request Forms

There was a lengthy process in place for organising supply cover for teachers. A teacher completed a paper form, handed it in to the main office who then took it to the Head for approval. The Nursery application form was also a paper-based form which, when handed in at the school office, had to be manually typed into the school system. Introducing … Read More