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Primary Goal – Partner of the Term 

Tablet Academy and Primary Goal have worked together to develop the model of a Teacher’s Technology Apprentice.

The aim of the programme is to embed the use of technology in education by providing Teacher’s Technology Apprentices who can support the use of digital technology in the curriculum and maintain technology equipment and resources. 

Primary Goal is a digital industries apprentice training provider working with schools and business

es. Primary Goal has successfully worked with a number of schools throughout the UK in providing apprentices in a slightly unusual role than a normal technical apprentice would expect to have. Working with Tablet Academy the emp

hasis is different in that it includes the school with the opportunity to have on board someone who is trained in the apprenticeship but also trained by Tablet Academy to provide support for the curriculum and in supporting teachers in their use of technology.  

Primary Goal are offering both education and business apprentices, and in the education role the ap

prenticeship programme is the BCS L3 IT Infrastructure technician. This apprenticeship programme and the methods Primary Goal have used to implement it have been recognised in the industry by the number of awards Primary Goal has gained over the past 18 months.  

A new qualification is starting shortly which is the L3 Digital Applications apprenticeship. For this qualification it is felt that current Teaching Assistants in schools could enrol and change their role as providing support for the IT Coordinator. Tablet Academy will be more heavily involved in the development of the training and supporting the apprentice. With Primary Goal being responsible for the overall apprenticeship programme.  

Schools will then have two useful routes to consider when considering using an apprentice to help in the technology role. One being in supporting the technology within the school, and the other being more about developing the use of technology in the classroom.  

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