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Some useful Blogs

We are always asked about things and what we follow for both teaching and learning as well as educational technology. So here are some blogs that we would like you to check out.

EdCompBlog – thoughts about educational computing from a secondary school Computing teacher. https://edcompblog.blogspot.com/index.html?m=1

The Keyword – Google’s Blog https://www.blog.google

Macrumors – A good website for Apple things – https://www.macrumors.com

Ars Technica – a great website for all things technical, it has specialist pages on Microsoft, Google, Apple. https://arstechnica.com

Next Generation Learning Today – a blog from an Apple Distinguished Educator. https://mrjonesict.com

9to5Mac – another useful technical blog about Apple things. https://9to5mac.com

The Official Microsoft Blog – worth keeping up to date with Microsoft news. https://blogs.microsoft.com

Microsoft’s Education Blog – worth keeping tabs on interesting stories in education from Microsoft. https://blogs.microsoft.com

Not a blog post but some case studies in the UK from schools using Microsoft in the Classroom. Case Studies

G Suite Updates – The official Google blog on updates to G Suites. https://gsuiteupdates.googleblog.com

Chromebook App Hub – A useful resource for teachers to discover apps for Chromebooks. https://chromebookapphub.withgoogle.com/ideas

STEM Learning – a national centre for all things STEM. A good place to start when looking for support in this field. https://www.stem.org.uk

BCS Academy of Computing – a good central place to start if you want to know about computing in schools. https://www.bcs.org/more/bcs-academy-of-computing/

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