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ClassReporter – Tablet Academy’s new Google Sheets Add-on

With Tablet Academy’s new Google Sheets Add-on, ClassReporter, you can collect and sync useful data about Google Classroom usage in your organisation.

The data collected through ClassReporter can be displayed in Data Studio and shared with relevant members of staff throughout your organisation, giving visibility of Classroom use by all teachers.

Example ClassReporter Data

Excellent add-on! It works really well and gives lots of data which was not previously available in one place. Data presented can be used for teacher Q, profiling individual students or classes.

P. Boal – G-Suite Marketplace Review

ClassReporter will allow super admin users to import data about Google Classroom adoption and engagement by teachers and students. Data includes classes, announcements, questions, and assignments set by teachers and work completed, late or missing by students.

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Data is stored in your spreadsheet and can be connected to a Data Studio report for analysis – instructions and template provided. Reports can be shared with other members of staff with view-only access, allowing them to view and dig down into the data to answer their questions about Google Classroom use.

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You can download a trial licence, which gives you access to all features with a limit of 20 classes. To be able to access data from all classes within your organisation, you will need to purchase a full subscription.

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