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TA’s Free Professional Development Series is Back!

To help support you and your institution adapt to Remote Learning, we have a brand new series of online training events starting on the 26th of November

From interactive workshops to webinars, our new series of free virtual events are aimed at educators and school leaders to support the use of Remote and Hybrid Learning using Microsoft tools.

About The Series:

We have once again teamed up with Microsoft to deliver a series of events aimed at supporting school leaders and classroom educators to further embed and benefit from the features provided by Microsoft tools. The focus of these events is to help institutions looking to develop both their in-class delivery and remote programmes.

Who Are The Events For?

There is a mix of events for school leaders and events for educators working in Primary, Secondary or Further Education. The events are delivered by experienced educators who relate how the tools can be embedded in classroom delivery or remote learning scenarios.

Some of the events may require prior knowledge of the subject covered in the session.

Types of Event:


A 2-hour hands-on workshop, delivered via Microsoft Teams providing you with the chance to gain experience using a range of tools. Think of it as an interactive guided walk-through with a highly experienced specialist educator.


A 1-hour Teams Live with an unlimited number of participants. These events will include presentations and, where appropriate, live demonstrations, followed by 15-20 minutes of Q&A

Choose Your Events

Below, we have outlined all of the events. Simply click on the event links provided to book your places.


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