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New Names – New Logos

The Tablet Academy you know is changing, introducing new modern services and a new brand. 

Why rebrand? 

In a world where trends are constantly changing, it is hard for a company to maintain a modern image.  It is all too clear to us that after eight years of trading as Tablet Academy, we need to keep the look and feel of our brand fresh and current in order to maintain our reputation and position as one of the most reliable and flexible providers in our industry. 

As we expand into international markets as TA International, our new branding presents an opportunity to open new markets and connect with new audiences. Moving forward, we will transition to our education customers recognising us as TA Education whilst our business or commercial customers will come to know us as TA Business

What is the rebrand? 

In order to differentiate between the markets we now service, we have divided the company into three distinct markets, each with its own branding and website.  

TA Education: Servicing our existing and new clients from across the spectrum of organisations involved in educating your people and adults. These include Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Local Authorities/School Districts. Education clients also include parents from the education sector, including those who create resources or educational products.  TA Education can be contacted by visiting or emailing  

TA Business: Many people may not be aware that we also provide transformation consultancy services and training to businesses such as Proctor & Gamble or Highways England and public sector bodies such as New Forest District Council and the Pensions Regulator. TA Business can be contacted by visiting or emailing  

TA InternationalNow over three years old, TA International is located in Spain and has a focus outside the UK with clients such as the Ministry of Education in Guyana. TA International also manages 12 TA Franchises across EMEA. TA International can be contacted by visiting or emailing  

For information about all divisions of Tablet Academy, visit