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Introducing Our New Partnership with Adobe.

Professor Steve Molyneux, co-founder, Tablet Academy 

Fostering and building a culture of creativity in your school by providing the 21st Century teacher and student with new competencies.

In the well-known book `The Creative School´, Sir Ken Robinson and Lou Aronica, like many forward-thinking educationalists and academics, make a clear case for embedding creativity deeply across the curriculum. 

Creative thinking alters the way we as human beings approach a problem. It allows us not only to express ourselves in traditional and modern Art forms, but also to think `outside the box´, experiment, and come up with innovative ways of finding solutions to various problems. In this context, it is clear that creativity has a role to play in all subject areas across the curriculum.  

Today´s fast-paced, internet-savvy students don’t need to remember a string of facts as with the right skills these can be found and verified easily on the internet. What students of today really need are competencies and strategies that will help them navigate through a life of exponential change.  

Human attributes such as curiosity – the constant drive to pay attention to the world and ask questions about it; creativity – the ability to come up with new ideas to solve complex, interesting problems and implement them; and criticism – the courage to question even the answers to their own questions, are qualities that withstand the test of time. 

So how do we nurture these attributes in our students?  One way known to all nursery and primary school teachers is through exploration and experimentation, and given the tech-savvy students of today, technology can help play an important role in helping them master these competencies. 

To help schools accomplish this creative technology giant ADOBE have partnered with education services provider Tablet Academy to help schools foster and build a culture of creativity by offering them the technology, consultancy, training, and resources free of charge. 

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The Technology 

Adobe Creative Cloud Express for Education is a suite of creative applications offered for FREE to any primary, secondary, and independent school, plus organisations officially recognised by the DfE as a registered education provider such as Pupil Referral Units. 

This series of cloud-based applications that run on any device, gives teachers and students everything they need to confidently create outstanding graphics, photos, presentations, web pages, and videos, allowing anyone to express themselves in unique and creative ways both inside and outside the classroom. 

Free Support  

Every school, college, Local Authority or Multi Academy Trust can access free support from TA including: 

  • Technical Support 
  • Teacher Training and Consultancy
  • Teaching Resources 
  • Student Activities 

Full details are available here 

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