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Presenting the STAAR (Summer Time Advanced Aerospace Residency) Programme with the RAF Museum, Cosford

The STAAR (Summer Time Advanced Aerospace Residency) Programme is brought to you by Northrop Grumman, with the support of the Northrop Grumman Foundation, and in partnership with the RAF Museum. It is being delivered by Tablet Academy, the Museum, Royal Air Force Cosford and RAF Youth and STEM Team.

STAAR is designed for Year 9 (Scottish S3) students who demonstrate an interest or aptitude for one or more STEM subjects. Interested schools can enter the STAAR competition, opening 19 April 2021, with winning schools given the chance to attend a residential at RAF Cosford. The competition has a mixture of tasks across the STEM spectrum, and schools are asked to submit 20 students from across Year 9, with an equal gender split (same-sex schools may apply 20 students). We recommend that the group of 20 is then split into four groups of five.

Tasks will be delivered to you on a weekly basis via OneDrive. The first task will be released on 10 May. There are six tasks in total.
Students will have until 28 June to hand in all completed work via the OneDrive link.

After the final submission date, all work is reviewed by external judges.
Four winning schools will be chosen and invited to attend a mini residential in October.

To submit an application, please visit