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TA (UK) Announces Innovative School 1:1 Student Device Programme

Giving every student a Windows 10 device and training for less than £7/month 

Tablet Academy (UK) today announced a new TA 1:1 Student Device Programme for UK educational institutions. 

The TA 1:1 Student Device Programme is designed to address the problem of a lack of digital equity of students within UK schools. By teaming up with leading industry partners the programme will provide free strategic advice, guidance, and end-user training to help school leaders, teachers and students get the very best from a Windows 10 student device programme from as little as £7 per device per month. 

“School closures, instigated by the government as part of a COVID-19 pandemic lockdown strategy brought home to schools not only in the UK but across the world the lack of Digital Equity between students even within the same school. We are pleased that our device partners have stepped up the challenge to resolve this problem by helping us provide a flexible, low-cost programme that offers the additional advances of free consultancy and teacher, student, and even parent training for the life of the programme for less than the price of a packet of cigarettes per month.” Says professor Steve Molyneux, Chairman of Tablet Academy International. 

As part of the TA 1:1 Student Device Programme schools can: 

Explore a variety of financial models such as charitable donations, parental contributions, and leasing. 

Weigh up the costs against the benefits concerning considerations such as insurance, warranty, and accessories. 

Identify the right device based on affordability and functionality linked to their teaching and learning strategy.  

Successfully embed your device programme by training IT staff, teaching staff and supporting your students to develop the necessary digital skills. 

The TA 1:1 Student Device Programme will be available starting 4th May 2021. For more information visit: 


The Tablet Academy (TA) is an impartial organisation created to support educational institutions in transforming teaching and learning through the use of existing and new technologies. Through high-level consultancy and training services the team of fully qualified educators support over 2000 schools and train over 36,000 teachers a year. 

TA is committed to working with education institutions, governments, and industry partners worldwide to ensure digital equity is available to administrators, teachers, students, and parents to support teaching and learning. 

Customers include: Guyana Ministry of Education, Microsoft Education, Google Education and Royal Air force and more.