Cyber Security Pupil Enrichment Day

CYBER SECURITY Pupil Enrichment Day


These events offer teachers and students the opportunity to learn about the importance of Cyber Security and how you can develop your own skills to decipher encrypted messages and defend against cyber-attacks.


Full-day Enrichment: £700

Half-day Enrichment: £400


Through a themed workshop pupils will be introduced to the world of Cyber Security, including the reality of the threats we face on a daily basis and the skills required to help defend our way of life. Working in groups, pupils will work against the clock to stop a simulated cyber-attack. Successful groups will need to work as a team to decipher hidden messages, analyse evidence and decrypt files to identify the individual behind the attack.

Students in a Cyber Security Workshop

Why should your teachers and pupils get involved?

The importance of Cyber Security has been highlighted with the inclusion of the subject in the national curriculum. Teachers attending the workshop would gain knowledge and ideas about how they deliver this new curriculum along with a number of links to online resources,
national competitions and further advice from Cyber Security Challenge UK.

Pupils attending the workshop would have a great learning experience which would open their eyes to the world of Cyber Security, the risks and the opportunities for rewarding careers. The workshop is ideal for boys and girls who have expressed an interest in coding, problem solving and computing.


A CYBER SECURITY Enrichment Day is designed for Key Stage 2-3 Pupils but can be adapted to suit other age groups.

  • The day is split into two workshops, morning and afternoon, (or a single workshop if selecting the half-day enrichment day) each lasting approximately 2.5 hours and covering the same content for two classes. Timings can be adjusted to suit school timetables.

  • Up to 30 students take part in each workshop (60 in total). A teacher is required to be present during the workshop plus any additional support staff as required. The hope is the teaching staff will gain experience and be able to re-deliver the workshop independently using the resources available.

  • The workshops are led by experienced Tablet Academy educators who will guide staff and students through the activity allowing pupils to learn and teachers to observe and learn as well. All equipment is provided excluding standard stationary (e.g. paper).

Microsoft Surface


Who are Cyber Security Challenge UK?

The Cyber Security Challenge is a series of national competitions, learning programmes, and networking initiatives designed to identify, inspire and enable more EU citizens resident in the UK to become cyber security professionals.

Established to bolster the national pool of cyber skills, it offers a unique programme of activities to introduce sufficient numbers of appropriately skilled individuals to learning and career opportunities in the profession.

The Duke of York iDEA Badge

The Duke Of York Inspiring Digital Entrepreneur Award

Pupils who attend the workshops will also be awarded a digital badge linked to the Duke of York iDEA scheme. This is a new programme still in its infancy which is comparable to the Duke of Edinburgh Award. The difference being the iDEA programme is based on digital skills. The badge awarded to pupils for attending the event contributes points towards achieving their Bronze award which they can do independently online.

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