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How to successfully manage your school’s edtech strategy with these 6 quick-wins

Is this you?

“I’ve had no training on implementing school-wide edtech strategies, I have just fallen into the role…”

You’re not alone.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had the answers to the questions, like “How can I transform learning & teaching with edtech?”, “How can I lead change in edtech and reduce barriers?”, and “How do I make it happen in my school?”

We’ve created this free digital guide to support the SLT and Computing and Digital Learning Leads (like you) on your transformative journey, with these 6 edtech strategies every school leader should know.


Inside the edtech strategy guide:

  • 6 insightful quick-fire Q&As
  • 6 edtech strategy tips to put into action, straight away
  • 6 top tools recommended by the team
  • BONUS: Exclusive discount inside…

Here’s a preview…


Download the FREE edtech strategy guide